Lazure painting developed out of the teachings of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). He spoke of the positive influence translucent colour has on the human being in comparison to spaces that are painted with flat opaque colour. This is why lazure can be found in homes, schools, churches, offices, hospitals and therapy centres all over the world – even Abba’s recording studios were lazure painted.

Lazure has a soft luminosity and a breathing quality as it gently fluctuates in natural light. There is a subtle interplay of colour as light passes through the translucent layers and reflects back from the white surface. The beauty of lazure is that we experience various shades and tones of colour throughout the day and this brings a ‘life’ quality into our surroundings, similar to how colours are in the world of nature.

“Every motion of the hand in every one of its works carries itself through
the element of thinking, every bearing of the hand bears itself in the element.
All the work of the hand is rooted in thinking.”
- Martin Heidegger.

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